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Crawl space is traditionally the most misunderstood part of your home. It encompasses many crucial building components of the foundation. A compromised crawl space endangers the structural integrity of the foundation system.

Damage occurs when the environment is moist, exposing joists, sill plate, support beams, subfloor, piers, block foundation walls, etcetera, to undesirable temperatures and water vapor levels.


Groundwater levels differ according to the amount of rain and snow received. These fluctuating levels are the crux of crawl space moisture problems. If the groundwater level remains near the crawl space grade, water levels can range from complete flooding to smaller areas of standing water.

However, crawl spaces can remain moist and damp without appearing muddy or wet due to a number of factors. The enclosed environment of the subsurface soil base, open-earth evaporation, elevation, topography, and exterior perimeter drainage, all contribute to the crawl space becoming very susceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, insect infestations, wildlife shelter, and other micro organisms.

Crawl Space Drainage:

Excessive moisture can often be controlled with the installation of a full interior perimeter drainage system. Installing a drainage system is accepted as a standard repair option to many crawl space issues.

Usually a perforated, corrugated flex drain tile packed in aggregate is installed along the perimeter of the interior walls. The drain tile channels groundwater to a deep-set sump basin with an attached sump pump. Aggregate is packed in the basin and perforated for effective drainage. Next, the sump pump draws water through a discharge line connected underground to an in-ground water receptacle.


You can't go wrong with our services as long as rain continues to fall in the lower mainland!

Our systems do not allow any water getting past the dimpled membrane to fall freely to the drain tile through the air gap section, keeping water away from your foundation and preventing hydrostatic water pressure against your walls.

This same air gap allows the foundation to "breathe" and makes your whole home healthier.

Quality builders use - Mr Sewer Line - Plumbers on all their projects to ensure their home buyers enjoy dry basements!

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